Weaver's Farm & Furniture Deli

Weaver’s Farm Fresh Sandwiches

Come join us at Weaver’s Farm and Furniture for lunch in our Deli! We offer Farm Fresh Sandwiches on our Homemade Sub Buns. We have different types of sliced meats and cheeses which we sell by the pound as well. From Off-the-Bone  Honey Ham, Pan-Roasted Turkey Breast, Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast and many more. We have many varieties of cheese including Colby, Baby Swiss, and the very popular Green Onion and Bruschetta Jack!

Weavers Trail sandwich

Weaver's Trail Sandwich

The Pot Belly sandwich

The Pot Belly Sandwich

The Hen House sandwich

The Hen House Sandwich

The Barnyard Gobbler sandwich

Barnyard Gobbler Sandwich

The Barn Buster sandwich

The Barn Buster

Weaver’s Soft Pretzels

Come to Weaver’s Farm and Furniture and enjoy an amazing snack while you’re here – warm, soft, delicious pretzels! Chances are we also have pretzel bites, especially on Wednesdays – FREE Soft Pretzel Day(one per customer, please)! Don’t forget, we also have incredible Farm Fresh Sandwiches! It’s easy to spend a day driving through the beautiful hills of Ohio to Danville, to Weaver’s Farm and Furniture, without having to worry about what to eat or what to do. Our petting zoo is loads of fun for kids, our deli is a delicious place to be, and our barn showroom is packed with furnishings, gifts, and accessories for the home we know you’ll love.

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